Definition of a freelancer

These are workers who carry out work independently and personally on the basis of a freelance service contract or project order, without being employees of the actual client. They can operate via a recruitment agency, for example.

Definition of a payrolling service / temporary staffing

This is a service that covers all of the administrative work involved in payroll accounting. This means that freelancers can be employed by GHR for the duration of a project, for example. GHR takes care of all of the admin, from drawing up contracts and the registration/settlement of social security and salary payments through to all of the formalities relating to leaving the company.

Definition of a consulting mandate

If there is a vacancy available for this form of cooperation, GHR engages a stock corporation (AG) or limited liability company (GmbH) for the realisation of client projects. Sole traders can only be taken into consideration following a prior assessment. In contrast to the payrolling model, billing is based on invoices issued to GHR by the candidate company. In this case, GHR accepts no responsibility for the correct and legally compliant settlement of statutory social security contributions.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please write to info@ghrgroup.ch or contact the person responsible for your issue directly via https://www.ghrgroup.ch/ueber-uns/.

Does GHR also offer projects abroad?

No. GHR only offers projects within Switzerland.

What should I do if my candidate login details for the homepage no longer work or I have forgotten my password?

Please contact us at info@ghrgroup.ch.


How do I become a candidate?

If you are generally interested in IT projects, please send your CV to info@ghrgroup.ch and we will add your details to our database. After a brief check by our Service Desk, you will receive an IT profile from us in which you can provide more detailed information about your knowledge and experience. We will then contact you for a brief telephone interview to discuss your preferences and options.

What criteria do I have to meet to become a candidate?

You must be a citizen of Switzerland or an EU country, and have a valid passport.

How will I be informed about new projects?

You can view the projects and vacancies that are currently available at any time on our homepage. If your details are already in our database, you will also be notified by email as soon as new projects matching your skills and preferences become available.

How do I apply for a project?

Project-related applications for the vacancies listed on the website can only be submitted via our online application process on our website.

Can I apply even if I cannot currently find a suitable project on your website?

Of course! You can register as a candidate for the time being, irrespective of any specific project (see «How do I become a candidate?»). We will contact you as soon as we have a suitable vacancy for you.

What documents are required for an application?

It is very important to us to keep the profiles in our database as up to date and complete as possible in order to be able to put you forward for projects in the best possible way. We therefore need a current CV. For you to be considered for a client enquiry, a short and concise statement (6–8 sentences) and potentially responses to a questionnaire are also required.

Do I need a current extract from the criminal and debt enforcement registers?

Yes. During the interview process at the latest, you will be advised to order the current extracts or to have them ready. These must be submitted to our HR department for review BEFORE starting the job.

What should I do if my criminal or debt enforcement register extract contains entries?

Please address this point openly, honestly and at an early stage with your Sales or HR contact. Depending on the type or severity of the entry, it may be necessary to clarify in advance with the potential client whether a project assignment is possible.

Can I apply for multiple vacancies/projects at the same time?

Of course. Multiple applications for different vacancies can be submitted at the same time.

Service Desk

How should a CV be structured?

The following points should be included as a minimum:

  • Important information such as personal details, availability, language skills, vocational training and additional training (including start and end dates, the institution and the location)

  • Career history including company names, industries, periods of employment and positions, as well as associated job/project descriptions and the methods, processes, tools or technologies used

  • Certificates and course confirmations should be submitted together with the CV if possible

How is my CV processed within GHR?

We enter the data from your CV into our in-house software in accordance with our internal guidelines and processes. Our Service Desk team will let you know if any information is missing or unclear. You will receive a draft of your GHR profile for review as soon as all of the data has been transferred to our system.

Will my original CV be forwarded to the client company?

No. All of the data in your CV is transferred into a GHR-specific template in order to provide our clients with neutral and clearly organised profiles.

How do I keep my profile up to date?

You will receive regular emails asking you to check your profile data via our online portal and, if necessary, to supplement it or notify us of any significant changes.

Can I have myself deleted from the candidate pool?

First of all, you have the option of suspending your profile for a certain period of time. This is particularly useful if you are temporarily working on another project and do not wish to receive any further enquiries about current vacancies for a while. Secondly, you are also free to request the deletion of your personal data at any time. In both cases, please contact us by writing an email to info@ghrgroup.ch.

Human Resources & Finance division

Do I need a work permit?

Yes. If you are NOT a Swiss citizen, you must have a work permit. You can also find more information on the subject of work permits at https://www.eda.admin.ch/countries/germany/en/home/visa/entry-ch/work-permits.html or https://www.ch.ch/en/foreign-nationals-in-switzerland/working-in-switzerland/

Who do I provide my personal data to?

As part of the contract creation process, you will receive a personnel data sheet from our HR department. You can add all relevant data there. For changes of address, telephone numbers, bank details or similar during an ongoing assignment, please contact us by email at hr@ghrgroup.ch

Where and when do I submit my timesheets?

Timesheets are submitted to hr@ghrgroup.ch at the end of each month of work. IMPORTANT: Timesheets can only be processed if they have been approved and/or initialled by the client.

When will I get paid (payrolling)?

You will receive a reminder by email at the end of each month, specifying the deadline for submitting the approved timesheet. If the timesheet is submitted by this deadline, you will receive your salary payment by the fifth day of the following month (or before/after a public holiday or weekend). There will be another payment run in the following week for all reports received after the deadline.

Who am I insured with as an employee of GHR?

  • OASI/IV: Zug OASI Office
  • Daily accident benefit: Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund
  • Daily sickness benefit and supplemental daily accident benefit: Swiss Mobiliar
  • Pension fund: Swiss Life