Useful websites

Do you consider moving to Switzerland? So that the search for important information to daily topics works easier, we made an overview of helpful websites for you. Starting with flat hunting through to insurance – Here you will find all information!

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Temptraining reimburses continuing education fees of up to CHF 5,000.00 per year for all temporary workers assigned to GAV.

A guide how to work and live in Switzerland

Just landed in Switzerland? Here you find extensive information about flat hunting, the education system, and much more!

For an employment longer than three months, you will need to apply for a residence permit with the communal authorities the place you reside.

Culture, economics, politics, history, population etc.


Here you find important websites about education in Switzerland.

Federal Office for Migration

The Federal Office for Migration is one of the seven departments of the Swiss federal government.

Official phonebook of Switzerland.

Tax at source

Thanks to the Withholding Tax Calculator, you can easily calculate your tax online and compare against cantons across the country.

SBB transports

Travel wherever you want to.


Compare the insurance companies’ premiums.

Real estate market

Are you looking for property, an apartment or a house?