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GHR Global Human Resources AG is specialized in contracting and recruitment services for project oriented IT resources management in Switzerland. Located in Baar (ZG), our company was founded in 2000 and now consists of 5 internal and 80 external employees. We are ISO 9001 certified and fully self-financed. CEO is André van Sprundel.

“Top quality is our aim.
I vouch for that.”

André van Sprundel
CEO & Sales / Recruiting

GHR Team André van Sprundel

The core competencies of Global Human Resources AG are project-based recruitment, contracting and payrolling. We have been bringing independent IT specialists together with sophisticated IT projects at well-known companies for 16 years, while ensuring that they match each other. Today more than 4,000 freelancers and 140 service partners rely on our services. We process an average of 40 project inquiries per month. Apart from providing our IT expert recruiting services, we also offer a payroll service. We will take on the entire personnel administration for our corporate clients – from contract and insurance to the settlement of wage payments.

The individual person is our focus: We conduct personal conversations with all clients and candidates, getting to know their precise needs. We guarantee that our placements will meet customer needs. Our team is available to candidates and clients at all times, supporting them through the entire recruitment process. Succesfully placed candidates get access to our Memberworld, and will regularly be invited to member events.

Live KPIs / GHR key figures

A comprehensive overview of our performance and reach since 2000.

Number of enquiries
since 2000

Number of candidates
from Switzerland

Number of service partners
from Switzerland

Number of contracts
since 2000

Number of hours worked
since 2000

Number of clients
since 2000


Our customers are mainly from the following cantons:


Service Partner

Our service partners mainly come from the following European countries:



Our candidates mainly come from the following European countries:



Our customers value us as a long-term and reliable partner in the field of IT resource management. Our main areas are: Bank, insurance, service sector, industry, telecommunication, medicine, chemical industry, energy producer, government and more. We will gladly send you our reference list on request.

Code of Conduct

Economic success and responsibility towards candidates, customers and the environment are inextricably linked in GHR Global Human Resources. GHR Global Human Resources has therefore established the most important rules of conduct in a code of conduct for its employees as binding. GHR Global Human Resources also expects that your business partners act in accordance with the significant content of this Code of Conduct.

See Code of Conduct

Internal Job vacancies

Unfortunately we currently have no internal vacancies. However, we are always pleased to receive applications.


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Mission Statement

Our Vision

We are regarded as the leading provider of IT resources for businesses.

Our Competence

We provide services in IT contracting, IT temporary staffing and HR payroll for IT projects. In doing so we help our customers fill personnel gaps quickly and reliably. We offer our candidates freedom from marketing themselves, so that they can focus on their engagement in customer projects. We prove ourselves with our professional and social competencies. Our goal is to place the right IT experts in matching projects, in order to support both the IT project as well as the IT professional in a targeted manner.

Our Principles

  • The individual person is our focus. This principle shapes our behaviour toward clients, candidates and internal employees, suppliers and partners. We respect the backgrounds, nationality and culture of each individual.
  • We work in a spirit of partnership, and in our dealings with partners with we are competent, amiable and fair.
  • We take responsibility for our actions and thus convey credibility.
  • For us, quality means meeting the demands of our customers by making available the right personnel at the right time.

Our Values

  • Our values form a significant basis of our company’s economic success, and of its social responsibility.
  • We act with integrity; honesty marks our behaviour toward employees, customers, suppliers and partners.
  • We work in partnership, with mutual respect.
  • We focus on versatility, and utilize the strengths of each individual.

Our Employees

  • The diversity of our employees contributes fundamentally to our company’s successful showing in the marketplace.
  • Our teamwork is characterized by openness and mutual respect.
  • Our company promotes the motivation and satisfaction of its employees, and puts great emphasis on personal development.

Our Customers

  • Partnership is the basic principle of our company philosophy.
  • The satisfaction of our customers represents the benchmark for the design and implementation of our business processes.
  • The mutual satisfaction of clients and contractors is our ultimate goal.
  • Providing individual solutions supports entrepreneurial action. In this way we create trust, which leads to long-term customer loyalty and successful cooperation.

Our Candidates

  • Our candidates are central to our core business. Consequently we know all of the candidates personally, and can accurately assess their expertise and experience.
  • Motivated candidates excel in performance. That is why we do everything to make our candidates feel motivated to work on your projects.

Our Suppliers and Partners

  • With regard to our suppliers and partners, we focus on reliability and quality.
  • The philosophy of our suppliers and partners is consistent with our own. As such we maintain a network that relies on long-term relationships and is based on trust.