ISO certification

We control internal procedures and processes according to the principles of the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS). Due to the rapid increase of economic and technological change, SQS certifications have become indispensable in current times. They serve as a basis for the continuous improvement of our internal processes. SQS certificates are valid internationally and enjoy high acceptance worldwide by the IQNet partnership. As a leading assessment and certification body for quality and management systems, they make an important contribution to strengthening Swiss companies and their position in the world economy. ISO9001 lays down the minimum requirements for the quality management system, which must be implemented by enterprises in order to meet the requirements of customers and products or services. The quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO9001:2015 SQS, ISO9001:2015 IQNet. You can download the list of current certifications as a PDF file below.

Dieses Bild zeigt das Logo von SQS - Zertifiziertes Management
Dieses Bild zeigt das Logo von SQS - Zertifiziertes Datenschutzmanagementsystem